...tailored property management  solutions.

Why choose Harbour Concepts?

We believe property management should provide assurances and comfort, not frustration and confusion.


Welcome to Harbour Concepts. We are a new firm, backed with decades of experience, with well-established specialists in condo property management. We focus on what’s best for you, ensuring satisfaction. We specialize in providing professional services to property owners and condominium corporations and have garnered the expertise to make Harbour Concepts your first choice for condo property management. 

We provide a tailored client experience with services that range from managing property inspections, to property maintenance, to timely and accurate financial statements. Request a proposal to see how Harbour Concepts can make things easier.

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Peace of Mind

Coordinating all the services needed to effectively run a condominium property can be quite a challenge. Relying on Harbour Concepts is a step in the right direction. We will coordinate inspections, maintain accounts and collect condo fees. At Harbour Concepts, we take the guesswork out of all these management functions ensuring your property will be safeguarded and satisfied owners will live comfortably knowing their property is taken care of.

On the financial side, our years of experience will ensure recurring monthly expenses are paid on time and an itemized accounting of all your income is provided on both a monthly and annual basis. On the owner side, we take care of collecting condo fees and making sure repairs and other concerns are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. In combination, all these services add up to peace of mind for all the property owners.